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Real-time Online Tracking

Our CRM systems are connected to Online tracking platform hyperlink to offer a real-time consignment tracking at every step right from the booking to delivery. Every single consignment can be tracked along with history of logs that includes call connectivity attempts and delivery attempts.
For your business, we could assist you track a shipment via different options other than AirWay Bill number like a reference number or order number. All the logs come with date and time stamp, which makes it easier for your business to track the exact status of your consignment.

Dedicated fleet & Call Centre Team

In the recent past, we realized that almost every business wants to provide a preferential treatment for a segment of their customer tagged as HNI / VIP / ROYAL. To support such business needs, we offer exclusive fulfilment for the customer base with dedicated fleet and multi-lingual contact centre team.
The team consists of tenured representatives to handle your customer base with an exceptional customer service motive. The customer greivances (or) requests are flagged on priority to the concerned team to work out a resolution at the earliest.

Customized Offering

To further enhance customer experience, we offer a very narrow appointment schedule. You (or) your customers do not have spend a whole day or half a day awaiting your consignment to be delivered. A day prior to delivery, our contact centre team will contact and set up an appointment with delivery window as low as 2 hours.
At times, the simplest of requirement poses as time consuming in your business. It could be as simple as including a pamplet to every consignment or cautiously wrapping up multiple items for your priority-base customers. To add ease to your business operations, we would be much obliged to assist with customized consignment packaging.

Public Holidays / Late night services

We, at JMBR run against the clock and not many understand the need of such business demands as much as we do.
Consignment delivery within UAE is offered on exceptional basis even if the consignment is expected to be delivered on a public holiday and / or late night. All you have to do, is ask!